Nov 8, 2005

Double race weekend... 42nd & 7th

So, this past weekend I had two races. These were numbers 5 and 6 for the MAC Series of UCI races.

Picture at left taken by Kevin Dillard. Cyclocross Rock Star and Freelance Photographer. Check his site!

Saturday's race was held in Camp Hill, PA at Lower Allen Park. Conditions were dusty, dry and fast. For some reasons, I really don't want to get into, I had the worst race of the season this day. I had a great starting position on the line but botched up my start with a terrible starting gear selection and horribly clumsy clipping in issues. I just couldn't get going.

A couple crashes in the first lap, left me with a painfully pulled groin which pretty much ended the race for me. I did the remaining 5 laps sitting down, and just soft pedaling. It was a bad bad bad.... bad day for me. I placed 42nd.

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!... after kicking my own ass for a poochie performance the day before, I lined up for Sunday's race in Highland Park, NJ ready to put the hurting on. (On myself AND the other racers). That's exactly what I did. I ended up with 7th place in the end, and I'm happy with that. What I most happy about is that I managed to make myself hurt the entire race and I didn't let up once on the effort pedal. Total commitment to winning... just... no win. Hmm... anyway, I laid it all out on the line, the way you should.

So, in a nutshell: Saturday; bad race. Sunday, great race!

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