Nov 13, 2005

3 hours in an alley.

Yeah, just like it reads... I spent three hours in one of my favorite alleys here in Baltimore. The intersection of N. Lovegrove and E.Trenton Streets proved to be quite fruitful in terms of interesting items to keep me and my Nikon occupied. I won't ramble on and on about each photo, but instead, I'll just describe the alley I shot:

dirty sidewalk, faded paint splotch, rusty nails and cables,

twisted metal coffee cans, glass jars; faded labels.

drifting litter, old transmitter, cardboard soft and soggy,
chrome fender, legal tender that won't add up for coffee.

soda tops, loading docks, dirty shattered windows,
old tires, frayed wires swaying while the wind blows.


Anonymous said...

nice meter!

Mike said...

Oh, you're just saying that. I, rather like it's meter... or... gate if you will.


Anonymous said...

that's for dogs...not for words! hey man, when's your next race post gonna be up...i heard some really cool chick got some pictures on sunday