Nov 21, 2005

Farmer's Market Sunday

Yesterday was a great day. I woke up at 7am with intentions of taking some post card type pictures of a statue which stands behind my house next to the expressway. I wanted to catch the statue while the sun’s morning rays were shining on its face. However… I forgot that the statue faces west, so the morning sun was shining brightly upon the back of the statue’s head. Go figure. I took a couple shots of my bike and headed back to my house to shower and ride over to my girlfriend's for breakfast.

After breakfast (jiffy cornbread – my favorite) which my girlfriend had already cooked and was just pulling out of the oven when I arrived, we had to do some light work on her bike. Just had to swap out her old rear tire and tube for some new rubber. My girlfriend snapped away with the camera while I played with her bike… and her little dog Doris. We both got pretty silly.

Sunday is Farmer’s Market day here in Baltimore. So we headed over that way with only one crucial item on our minds: Cave Aged Cheddar. There’s a cheese stand that sells this awesome cheese down there and we both picked up a chunk, as well as some bread for dinner later on that night.

The Farmer’s Market rocks. You can get some really great, really fresh veggies, bread, fruit, meat, flowers, you name it there. It’s becoming our “Sunday thing” to ride to the Farmer’s Market and then spend the day on the bikes.

After we left the Farmer’s Market we stopped by the Camera Shop and I picked up a few .jpgs I had printed out. Nothing too exciting about this, however my girlfriend and I did look over some new Puma’s at the Foot Locker in the mall. Puma’s rock.

Next stop, my place to ditch some clothes that we were baking in. Then, we hit up the Owl Bar to grab some lunch and watch the Steelers loose to the Baltimore Rat Birds. I’m a Pittsburgh fan… too bad. This was a great lunch… chicken pizza with caramelized onions… and it was free! Yep, the bartender was embarrassed by the slow service and gave us the pie for free. Excellent. I took a couple photos inside before we headed on our way to Pla-za Art Store to say hi to Phil on our way home.

An excellent Sunday, looking forward to Thanksgiving!



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