Dec 5, 2005

Freezing cold cross race - 5th place

Yesterday was the coldest race of the season. It was the 8th and final cross race of the MAC Series, held in Elkton, MD. I managed to pull off 5th place and narrowly escape hypothermia! It was THAT cold.

The course was a completely swampy mud bog that made it difficult to propel yourself forward even on the flat areas. My tires had a little too much pressure in them to hook up as good as they could have but I wasn't about to stop to let some air out.
above photo by: Dennis Smith

Several sections of the course were so muddy that you could bearly keep it upright while you slowed to make it through the tight turns. Thank goodness there were some road sections which enabled you to gain speed and make up lost time spent in the muck.

above photo by: Dennis Smith

above photo by: Dennis Smith

My girlfriend did a great job shooting the race with the digital Nikon and did a great job shouting encouragement as usual. My number one fan, she is. Below are a few shots from the race that she took.

I tried to hop this barrier... not a good idea....


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