Oct 31, 2005

Dutchess County NY.

So this past weekend held no cyclocross racing. No mud in my eyes. No freezing my butt off, no finishing sprints. What it did hold was lots of snoozing, eating, dog walking, relaxing, eating, and looking at all sorts of different styles of art. (sculpture, paintings, photography, mixed media, book art, prints etc) Also, there was a lot of eating.

My girlfriend and I took a road trip up to her Grandfather’s house in Dutchess County, NY and enjoyed ourselves for the weekend. Early Friday morning the three of us (Doris the dog came of course) set off to NY with two pit stops on our flight plan. One; Roy Rogers for breakfast (I like that stuff) the other stop was in her childhood neighborhood in the Bronx (S&S Bakery to pick up a delicious cheesecake)

There’s a great old junkyard behind her Grandfather’s house where we found a whole bunch of old glass bottles, chromed car parts and porcelain goodies. We spent a good while there, finding old treasures.

The area around her Grandfather’s house was beautiful. The leaves were mostly varying shades of yellows with brilliant orange and red explosions here and there. Deep leaves on the forest ground made it almost hard to hear ourselves talk as we walked and Dorris pranced through the woods. For as many leaves as there were, there was an almost equal quantity of interesting rocks. Add to the Autumn leaves and rocks a beautiful lake, palliated wood peckers, colorful ducks and brisk breezes, and it made for memorable weekend.

Happy Halloween by the way.


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