Oct 26, 2005

Personal Photographer...

I have it made.

Not everyone has the luxury of a girlfriend who will, not only, drive their dirt clod of a boyfriend, to and from races, but will also cook great pasta meals the night before. Not every girlfriend will rub down weary legs before and after races, constantly provide encouragement, support, loud positive cheering at races, and also put up with a busy training schedule, testy pre-race anxiety and grumpy early morning moodiness. That’s some true greatness. Add to that: her tolerance of my choice of post race food stuffs (and the consequences that go along with those stuffs) She's a winner.

What’s also really great is that while I’m out on the course, racing, she’s taking some amazing photographs. Not one for jumping on the digital bandwagon, she proudly totes her Nikon N80 around at the races. At the last race she shot up 5 or 6 rolls of 800 speed film and the pictures were so impressive I wanted to post them here for you to see.

So here’s The Galleria de mi girlfriend. She captured these images this past Sunday at the Wissahickon Cyclocross race. (MAC #4). Enjoy them; I did.


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