Oct 17, 2005

Another 2 race weekend - 3rd & 5th Place!

I look happy in this black and white picture because it was taken just after I finished 5th place at the 2nd MAC Series race in Bridgeton, NJ. That was the most fun I've had on my cross bike yet! (photo by Kevin Dillard - DC based freelance photographer)
This weekend was another double banger. I raced on Saturday at Micheau State Park, PA and earned 3rd place at the IRON CROSS LITE. (MABRA Series) The course was dry, for a change, and my tires hooked up nicely, again, for a change. I was suffering in this race and had planned on saving my energy for Sunday's race but those plans went right out the window when the pedaling started.
Regretfully I lost 2nd place to an NCVC rider who had a better position in the last 10 yards to the finish line than I had. In the last 10 yards as I made my move to sprint around him, I was road blocked by some lapped riders who were mosying there way along - "DOH!" I hurt pretty badly after the race but I was happy with my results nonetheless. And hey, I walked away from the podium with an Iron Cross pint glass and a jar of Bob's Salsa.... excellent!
"Release the hounds... release the bees... release the hounds that shoot bees from their mouths!"
Sunday morning brought strong winds, a dry FAST course and plenty of competition. This was the 2nd race of the MAC Series and was also a UCI event so it had a huge turnout, which included two Pro riders from Kona. I felt great and was happy to be on the line that morning.
I was prepared for this race and was feeling good on the start line. I drank plenty of water, had a good meal of pasta and had gotten plenty of rest the night before. My mental state was very positive and I kept thinking positive about my training and previous race results as I waited for the start.
This course was predominantly composed of fast hard-packed sand trails which you could really open it up on. There was one short road section, which also served as an uphill finishing stretch. There was a big sand pit, that I rode through a few times and shouldered the bike through as well.
There was a really steep and rough downhill blast into a painfully long, 80 meter beach run through deep sand which was thrown into the course to further demoralize you. Once you came out of the beach areas you traversed a flat stretch of grass which put you back into the woods. The most noteworthy (and painful) part of the course was the stair case run up, of the "Ampitheatre of Pain". There were some barriers which were strategically placed in the exit of a hairpin right hand turn but they proved not to be too big of a problem. At the end of this race I was exhausted but extremely happy with my results! 5th Place for the killer B's at a UCI race is just what I need to keep me motivated to attain my goal this season :] 

My girlfriend did a great job of shooting the race while I suffered through it all and she really got some great photos! Good job girlfriend :] Also, Kevin Dillard's lens was sharp for this race and you can be sure to see his excellent work over at Truesport.com
Next weekend holds to MAC series races... Here we go again!


ryank said...

Solid work - sand pits are the bane of my existence. Mark Mccormack and Adam Hodges-Myerson were up at New Gloucester this weekend, and Mccormack lapped a good portion of the field in the race on Saturday.

Dry weather? Sun? Doesn't sound like typical cross conditions to me.

Chris said...

holy crap! you rock!

Mike said...

Thanks! Looking forward to a strong showing of LSV riders this coming weekend. We'll show em' how it's done!

Chris said...

for sure...and you should have a primo starting position. i'll be way back in the scrum...ouch.

you need to make it out to a practice so we can work on your carrying technique. 8-) that'll move you up a few places.