Oct 10, 2005

EVO MAC Series CycloCross #1 - 34th place

Yesterday's race was a real toughie. It was the first of the MAC Series and was held in Buckingham, PA just north of Philly. It was muddy that's for sure, but it was thick, goopy, peanut buttery mud. Not the slimy thin stuff.

My tires were way too wide for this race and as soon as I got rolling in the grass field sections, my frame built up with grass and served as an instant and constant brake for the entire race. I tried to knock large clumps of mud and grass free from my bike by hopping up and slamming my bike down on the pavement sections but to no avail. It was just a mud boggy mess.
I'm not sure where I placed in this race. I'm guessing around 35th or 40th or so. My legs were a little tired/sore from racing the day before in Hagerstown (3rd place) and I was no match for these guys at this race. There were some REALLY strong racers there.

The course was great though. There were some really steep run ups with hairpin turns at the top which routed you right back down the hill. Only one set of barriers that I hardly had enough energy to get myself and my bike over by the last lap. There were two nice road sections that allowed me to make up some lost time, and get some mud to fly off my tires before dipping back into the muddy field sections... which I was thankful for.

My girlfriend took some really great shots of me while I plowed and churned and most of the time pushed my bike through the goopy mess of mud that they called a race course. Nice job pal! I had to stick my tounge out to show her that yes, indeed, I was having a good time.

Luckily a hose was available for washing up before I loaded my bike into my girl's car for the ride home. ...there was still a hint of cow manure but nothing too unbearable.
Things to change for next weekend's race (Beacon, MAC Series Race #2): skinner tires. Also I'm going to start running. My legs are killing me from all the running I had to do yesterday.
I had a blast this weekend, looking forward to next weekend!


Anonymous said...

Love the action photos! Looks a little "dirty!" When and where is ur next competiton?

Mike said...

Next race is the Iron Cross Lite at Michaux State Forest, PA. on Saturday. Looking forward to some drier conditions!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!