Jan 12, 2015

Hello from Austria

Hello folks. Work has me in Austria and the Czech Republic this week. I'm happy to be here, but wish I had more time to enjoy myself and explore, the way I love to explore. Still, I'm making the most of it, and trying to capture what I can with my camera. The trip over here was hellacious. One debacle after another Including nearly losing my luggage and almost missing flights. But, I made ​​it. I'm extremely jetlagged so I'm just going to toss up some photos from the last days worth of travel from Baltimore to New York to Dusseldorf, Germany to Vienna Austria.
A quick photo through the glass at BWI airport Sunday afternoon at 2:30 pm.

After switching planes in Dusseldorf, Germany, I arrived at Vienna via this weird airline ... www.flyniki.com.
This is just one of the cool scenes inside the Vienna Airport. Although, by the time I got here I had been awake all night and what exhausted. I do not sleep well on international flights. All I wanted to do what find my rental car agency and get to my hotel.
I walked around forever, trying to find the car rental office. I found the cars ... but could not find the office. Probably I spent 45 minutes just wandering around different levels in the parking garages looking for the Hertz office. Holy frustrating.
At last, I was on my way. I rented a BMW and hit the Autobahn (Super fun!). An hour and a half later, I arrived helped in Kematen, Austria, at my hotel.

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