Jan 17, 2015

Austria & Czech Republic: Fantastic quick trip

I'm back.  Finally.  What a whirlwind of a trip.  I spent about a week in Austria (In Kamaten, about an hour and a half west of Vienna) with one night in the town of Bruno in the Czech Republic.  I'm always stoked to travel, but this trip, was so full of actually traveling (flying & driving) that I hardly had any time to myself.  The only time I had to really explore, was the first day I arrived in Kamaten, but I was so tired, from being awake for 24 hours, that I had to go to sleep.  With that said, I do not have any great photos to share.  Nor any great stories, really.  The purpose of my trip was to meet my overseas contacts within my company and learn about their quality structure and operations.  So, most of my time, was spent in a conference room, reviewing org charts, processes and discussing quality strategy. 

I did stay in a really nice resort:  The Kothmuhle.  The room was excellent, with a nice balcony overlooking the rolling hills.  You could see the snowcapped mountains in the distance.  The restaurant was top notch, and I ate 5 course meals each night (*burp*).  The people I spoke with there, were very friendly, and spoke fluent English.
Driving in Austria was super fun.  I rented a nice BMW and got to open it up on the Autobahn, a few times.  The roads in the backcountry, are stunning.  They're twisty and roll through the hillside.  The fields and pastures through which I zipped, were completely free of any sort of garbage or litter.  Just absolutely beautiful.


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