Feb 15, 2014


I've been meaning to post about this great little "truck stop diner" that I love to stop at when I make the trip to visit my folks back home in upstate NY. It's called the D&H Penn-Can Restaurant, located on Route 81 in Harford, PA about an hour south of Binhamton, NY. You can't miss the giant "EAT" sign as you make your way through the mountains. I always read the sign and think: good idea. I typically stop in and order the same thing: a simple burger; cooked rare with one tomato and a little mayonnaise. It's cheap, good food and the atmosphere alone, is worth the stop. The interior is quite retro. Oranges and dark browns are the main color scheme surrounding wooden beams and drop ceiling tiles. Showers and payphones are located in the back room. And at each booth there is a phone jack from the days when land-lines were the primary means of phoning anyone. In addition to their quality cheap eats they've got an impressive selection of beef jerky; the huge rectangular pieces that look like as if they were made by squeezing ground meat out of a tube and running it over with a tractor trailer: The good stuff.

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