Jan 18, 2014

"Road Trip!"

This morning I'm driving down to Jacksonville, NC to visit my little brother.  Patrick is a Corporal in the Marine Corp stationed on Camp Lejeune at the New River Air Station.  I haven't seen him since he finished boot camp a couple years ago. This trip just, kind of, formulated out of thin air last night as I sat on the couch texting back and forth with him.  I'm off on Monday and so is he, so it works out perfectly.  I've just got to throw a mountain bike in the back of the Tacoma, fill up, and hit the road.  Can't wait to catch up with Pat, take a bunch of pictures of him and hopefully, get some riding in; just like we used to years ago.

Enough chitter chatter, time to hit the road.  Google Maps is telling me it'll take six and a half hours to get there!

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