Jan 19, 2014

Catching up

I made it down to my brother's place in a little under seven hours. I enjoyed the drive and the transition of the geography. There is quite a difference in topography between Maryland and North Carolina, it was interesting to watch it change from behind the wheel. I saw a lot of neat sites and wished I had the to stop and explore/take pictures. I did stop once to take a quick picture of an old, rusted out car, sinking into the ground, wrapped in the rays of the setting sun, but quickly hopped back in the truck when a van pulled over to watch me. Yikes.

It was great to finally see Pat and his lovely wife, Alyse again. It has been nearly two years, and we had a lot of catching up to do. Pat's buddy, Connor came over and it was a lot of fun listening to these two marines tell their stories and jokes. I brought down a couple cases of National Bohemian beer for Pat, and I think we nearly polished off a whole case last night. Good times. Today Pat's going to give me the nickle tour of Camp Lejeune and then we'll check out some tactical gun shops and hopefully get some mountain biking in. 

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