Sep 14, 2013

Squirrel Hunting - Frederick Watershed

Its that time of year again:  Hunting Season.  I thought it'd never arrive!  So far, the only thing in season is squirrel, which I do enjoy hunting, so I took a rifle out that I haven't used for hunting before:  My Rock Island Armory Mig 22.  I got a late start this morning and left the house around 8:30, putting me at the Frederick Watershed around 9:30; later than I wanted, but still prime time for squirrels.  I crept into my usual spot and sat for a while.  I sat peacefully, enjoying the activity of the chipmunks and birds, yet there are still too many leaves on the trees to catch all the activity up above.  Nevertheless, it was a cool and breezy 57 degrees out so I didn't mind just relaxing in the woods on a beautiful morning.  After sitting in a few different spots, I got ancy and decided to go check out my deer sitting spot.  I searched around my deer spot for buck rubs and deer poop (Or as my father always called them "smart pills"... which begged the naive question:  "Do they really make you smart?" ... My father is a great guy.  Thank you for not letting me eat deer poop when I was little Dad)  After a few minutes of sitting where I usually do with my .30-30, I saw some activity far down in the valley below.  I zoomed in with my scope and had a squirrel in my cross hairs just long enough to estimate my holdover before he scurried out of sight.  It would have been a 125 yard shot, had he sat still long enough.  Still, I'm confident that I could have "rung his bell"; no problem.  Next time little buddy!

I, of course, couldn't leave without shooting some beer cans.  Check the video below; I'm going to go make a snack...I wonder if we have any smart pills in the pantry.

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