Aug 31, 2013

Gunpowder Falls State Park

I decided to get the mountain bike out and check out a trail head that I have been wondering about, for over a year now. I’ve passed it in my truck, numerous times. Turns out; it’s an entry point into Gunpowder Falls State Park. It was a hot one today, but I threw the bike in the truck and drove 20 minutes to the trail head. I was stoked when I discovered such awesome singletrack, and local at that! I only explored about 5 miles of trails but what I did ride was great. The trails were hilly, well groomed, lots of log drops and roll-overs and the terrain varies between overgrown meadows, dark pine and hardwoods. I’m so insanely out of shape that I was huffin’ & puffin’ up the hills but I’m not too proud to use my granny-gear, and so I did. I stopped once to snap a few photos below. I tried to ID the plant with the bright red berries but had no luck. Pretty; probably poisonous.   I gotta say, I love my new helmet too.  Super comfy and light.  If you dig it, check out Urge Bike Products.

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