May 25, 2013

New Air Rifle - Industry Brand QB79

My girlfriend, Debbie, got me a fantastic, early birthday present in the form of a .22 caliber air rifle. I had been ogling over this rifle for quite a while and she was only too happy to “pull the trigger” for me. The QB79 is the Chinese version of the Crossman 160 which is no longer produced. The gun was purchased from Archer Airguns, which is owned by Stephen & Cornelia Archer operated out of Fairport, NY. As a quality assurance engineer, I am very pleased with the level of care and quality put in to their company. They offer a “gold service” for an additional $20.00, which entails a personal quality check of the gun’s operation to include a functional check of the rifle; a ten-shot qualification of the rifle at a distance of 10 yards where muzzle velocity is chronographed and recorded, along with average trigger pull. All of this data is recorded by Stephen Archer himself and provided to you on a record sheet neatly packed in the box with the rifle. Like I said, as a quality assurance engineer, this objective evidence is a personal perk. The only way this service could possibly be more pleasing, would be if they actually included a certificate of calibration from the chronograph used to sense muzzle velocity and for the scale used to weigh the pellets used during this qual-testing (But that’s just me being me). Hey, they even record the ambient temperature during testing. I think their operation is top-notch and worth every bit of $20.00.

The rifle, itself, is made in china by Industry Brand (Shanghai Air Gun Factory). There are no plastic pieces on this rifle, just steel, brass and hardwood which looks like cherry, though I am not certain. The rifle I spec’d out was a QB79 Custom, a .22 caliber rifle which features a “gold” trigger & bolt as well as a “target” barrel. The target barrel is free of open sights ad has a factory muzzle weight installed, thereby relegating it to be a scope-only rifle. Per my order, Archer Airguns installed a 9oz CO2 tank adapter and provided an empty 9oz tank. A full tank holds enough charge for 630 shots at 515fps, and cost me a whopping $2.99 to fill at my local Dick’s Sporting Goods. I also ordered a $40.00 UTG scope in 4X32 with a nice crisp mil dot reticle. I mounted the scope and had it zeroed in 15 minutes. Now I can sit on the back porch and land nickel sized groups on my target 40’ away. Never having owned a CO2 or pre-charged pneumatic rifle before, I can’t emphasize how nice it is to simply work the bolt and drop a pellet in the chamber rather than break the barrel or pump the rifle before each shot. Instead, I can sit back and put shot after shot down range at a consistent and reliable muzzle velocity! I very highly recommend this rifle and Archer Airguns. Thanks Debbie!

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