May 26, 2013

I got crabs (Little Gasparilla Island)

A couple of  weekends ago, Debbie and I met some of her family for a vacation on Little GasparillaIsland off the southwest coast of Florida.  The island is only accessible by water taxi which made for a truly secluded and peaceful trip.  We spent 5 days laying in the sun, fishing, barbequing, walking the beach, swimming and enjoying some much needed relaxation.  The house we rented had a fabulous hammock on the screened-in porch, which is where I spent a majority of my time, though I took a lot of photos and attempted some time-lapse photography with my D800.  The time lapse photos didn’t amount to much, but I did enjoy sitting on the beach while my camera snapped frames of the setting sun, waves broke and the ocean breeze blew a brackish wind over me. As Hawaiian music played from my phone I sipped cold beer and the stress from the hectic world of work melted away.  Perhaps the highlight of the trip, for me anyway, was catching a few ghost crabs which scurry across the beach at night, and steaming them. People don’t usually eat these crabs because they are so small and don’t amount to much of a meal, but the crab-lover in me couldn’t resist trying them.  I steamed and ate three of them.  To be quite honest, they were delicious, albeit small.  The meat in the body was difficult to get out, but the legs and claws did have an appreciable and delicious quantity of very sweet meat!  Here are a few photos from the trip.

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