Feb 20, 2013

Westminster landscapes

Yesterday, was a rainy one. At times coming down quite hard. As I worked in the office I listened to the rain beating down hard on the roof of the building. But the rain broke when I was about 10 minutes away from home. The evening sun lit up the tops of trees with a peach hue and the thick clouds produced some really pretty colors; shades of plum, rose and deep purple; all lined in gold. I keep my four thirds camera in my truck, but raced home to grab my DSLR and head back out. I was able to capture a couple of scenes but it was a race against the setting sun by that time and I just barely got the photos you see here.

These pictures were taken about a half mile down the road from my house. Like I've said before; I live in the boonies. It's a wonderful thing sometimes.


GTS said...

Very cool dude!

Mike said...

Thanks Gerry.