Feb 24, 2013

New rifle - GSG 522

I picked up a new piece of iron (and polymer) this weekend. I have had my sights set (pun intended) on the German Sport Guns (GSG) Model 522 for the last few weeks. While at a gun show this weekend, I was happy to find one, new in the box and reasonably priced ($475). Imported and distributed by American Tactical Imports (ATI) out of Rochester, NY, the GSG 522 is a German made replica of the Heckler & Koch MP5, though chambered in .22 LR instead of 9mm. The real MP5 uses a 25 round magazine where as the magazine on my new rifle is designed to hold 22, yet blocked to hold 20, in accordance with Maryland regulations. Though the forearm grip and stock are a lightweight polymer, the receiver is milled from a hefty chunk of aluminum. The suppressor albeit fake, helps to balance the rifle.

While at the gun show, I also picked up some simple optics; a red dot scope made by UTG. I have never used a red dot scope before and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to zero. It mounted quickly and easily to the weaver rail on the top of the receiver at the range this morning, and in a matter of minutes I had walked my groups onto the bull. The scope offers a red or green dot, each with 5 stops of brightness. This is nice because the targets I was shooting were composed of red ink on white paper. I selected the green dot for better contrast against the target ink.

Above left:  Entering the Hap Baker Rifle Range in Westminster, MD.  Above Right: A CCI round that didn't make it out in time.
The GSG 522 I have is the HV model. The HV requires high velocity ammunition; loads that clock at least 1200 fps to reliably cycle the action. Luckily, this is pretty standard for most .22 ammo on the shelves out there. I brought a brick of CCI Blazer and some Federal ammo as well. The CCI gave me problems; three times I had to clear jams with this round. However, the Federal ammo worked great. Both of these rounds are “high velocity”, and info on their respective websites show muzzle velocities of 1235 fps for the CCI and 1240 fps for the Federal. I am scratching my head at this drastic difference in performance within such a small margin of velocity. Regardless, I am glad that I bought 1500 rounds of the Federal ammo a couple of weekends ago.

I zeroed and shot at the 50 yard range this morning. I was able to group with repeatable results time after time. I did try reaching out to the 100 yard range, though my eyes were a real handicap. Without magnification, I just can't see the targets. Just the same; it was a blast to shoot this thing this morning!


Frank Hark said...

That is awesome. I want one! I might get a .22lr conversion kit for my AR-15.

Mike said...


Wait till you see what I just got.... blog post coming shortly.

The GSG 522 is a lot of fun to shoot, but I've only shot it at the range. This gun really needs a glass bottles and beer cans if you want to optimize it's fun factor. Paper targets just don't cut it.

Come north for some gun play!

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Sweet rifle and great 50 yd grouping. Well done Mike!