Jan 5, 2013

Neeman Tools

There's something about an axe that I just really like.  I think of them as functional art.  I've blogged about this before.  While browsing at Vimeo this morning, I discovered a really impressive crew of craftsman.  They're known as Neeman Tools.  Their workshops are in Skujenes, LatviaIn case you don't know where that is, Latvia is in northern Europe, off of the Baltic Sea, nestled between Estonia and Lithuania.  Hey, I didn't know!  These guys design and make beautiful tools.  And they do it by hand no less!  Take a look at their axes, hatchets, drawknives, froes, chisels and more.  Their website is beautiful and loaded with well photographed tooling.  I'd love to buy one of their felling axes.  In my opinion, Best Made can't hold a candle to Neeman Tools.  Take a look at the fantastic video below. 


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Thanks for sharing that Mike. That smithy was very cool. Always wanted to have one of my own. To this day I love throwing a piece of rod in the fire then whacking it with a hammer. Takes quite a bit of work to just beat it into a flat screwdriver shape.

Well done video -I'd buy from the outfit too.

Mike said...

Yeah, I thought it was really impressive!