Nov 30, 2012

Helvetia by Night - Alessandro Della Bella

I find time lapse photography incredibly interesting. Sometimes as is the case with the video below; it truly fascinates me. This is partly because I know how difficult it can be, but also because it expresses time in a different way; at a different rate, where the mundane and ordinary become a kinetic and unstoppable force. The perpetual motion of life is made blatant, obvious. graceful. 

Alessandro Della Bella, a Swiss photographer, created the time lapse video below, which showcases the Swiss Alps and their majestic nocturnal beauty. As a photographer and outdoor enthusiast, I am inspired by, and in awe of the beauty and hard work that he has shared with the world. For more information about his project, visit the website he created for this video at:
Helvetia's Dream from Alessandro Della Bella on Vimeo.

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