Sep 7, 2012

Tractor beams

Yes, it’s another HDR image. Every night, on the way home, I pass by this water tower in Scaggsville (I feel sorry for the women who live there). Unfortunately, I usually pass it while shifting into 4th gear, cruising down the on-ramp to Route 95. So last night, I drove around until I found the neighborhood in which this monster lives and took a few exposures.

I have a thing for water towers. They’re quite literally “outstanding” and loom like quiet giants, high above populated areas. In my eyes, the beacon at the top of this tower and the dirt and rust streaking down the underbelly, give it a very sci-fi appearance. The pillars supporting the circumference of the tank, mimic tractor beams, and I suppose you could view the center column as a massive beam itself. The Trekkies out there, know what I mean. Of course hippies and college kids may just see it as a giant ‘shroom. Far out man!

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