Jul 29, 2012

Suburban decay: Farm house

I had an itch to get out with the camera again this weekend so I grabbed my gear, hopped in the jeep, and just started driving. Ten minutes later I passed an old farm house left unmaintained and nearly hidden entirely by overgrown grass, shrubs and trees. I drove in as far as I could on what was once a paved driveway, but is now completely covered by tall grass and small trees. I spent a couple hours crouching behind my tripod shooting interesting scenes in rooms on all three floors. A lot of the plaster has fallen from the ceilings and random pieces of broken furniture are strewn about the interior. Floors sagged and creaked underfoot and wallpaper flapped in the breeze blowing through the old house through the numerous broken windows. Perhaps the creepiest scene throughout the house were the raccoon tracks which went everywhere; even inside a toilet bowl. The images below were shot with my Nikon D700.

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