Jul 30, 2012

Rubber ducky

Saturday a friend and I went exploring north of Gettysburg, in Caledonia State Park. It was great to take the jeep off the beaten path and explore some of the gravel roads around the park. I foresee some backpacking at Caledonia in the near future. We stumbled upon a small rubber ducky in the woods and decided he'd look best photographed in his natural environment, so we set him a float for a little while. He's now found a permanent home on the dash of the jeep.


Rubber Duckie said...

Hi mike, I stumbled accross your blog, and thought was very cute. I've an Australian bus selling rubber duckies. Mike rubber Duckie also has blogs spot also. Rubberduckie2012.blogspot.com. I would love to use your rubberduckie story from July 2012 and ensure you have all the credit for the piece and photography. Regards Kelly. Kelly@rubberduckie.net.au. www.rubberduckie.net.au

Mike said...

Rubber Duckie:

Please feel free to use my blog post and images. Please do me the courtesy of using "photos by:" etc.


Rubber Duckie said...

Hi Mike, thanks for allowing me to utilize your wonderful blog on Rubber Duckie site. That's Golden! Yes all credit will belong to you.
Regards Kelly.