Apr 3, 2012


Last Thursday while I sat, eating breakfast, at the kitchen table I couldn't help but stare out the window. The rising sun hung low in the sky casting long shadows on the western side of flowers, trees branches and anything else tall enough fall under its rays. Spring had the fresh-cut lawn nearly glowing green and the tulips and daffodils boast bright yellows and pure whites on this particularly breezy spring morning. I had to get out there and take some video. I spent about 40 minutes with my Lumix GF2 and my tripod roaming from spot to spot around the yard, filming flowers and tree tops in high definition. It was great.

This afternoon I spent about two hours figuring out Adobe Premier Pro CS 5.5 and played with the footage from last Thursday. I'm proud of the results and happy to call the scenes in the video below, home.

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