Apr 4, 2012

Death of an egg

I spent a little while this afternoon, trying to sight my Sheridan air rifle a bit more accurately. The other day I installed a scope and zeroed it shooting with 5 pumps worth of pressure behind each pellet. Today I decided it ought to be zeroed using the maximum amount of force; 10 pumps. And so I set the targets up again, at exactly 15 yards. This time I made a make-shift shooting bench from a pile of bricks and a towel. This greatly improved my accuracy. Below are the results.

I was able to put 6 pellets in the bull, four of which were overlapping, so I decided to have some fun. I placed an egg on a log and took aim. The egg was pretty much the same size of the bull so I had no problem smacking it on the first try. I perched my camera next to the egg to capture the desctruction. Below is a video I made with Adobe Premier Pro. Enjoy:


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Fine shooting sir!

I love airguns. They have some great advantages over their powder driven cousins. Less noise is great for backyards as you've shown. I like them when your done you can just put them away -no messy powder solvent to work with.

I have a Benjamin .22 cal pistol. and a .177 spring piston barrel cocker that shoots 1000fps. The rifle has a old made in USA Weaver scope on it shoots great.

spruceboy said...

Neat video!

Mike said...

You're right, it is awfully nice not having to give air guns the same attention with regard to cleaning.

I actually just put a 4X32 scope on this gun yesterday. I'll have to post up some more target practice pics!

I would love to pick up one of those Benjamin EB22's. They look so nice. Soon...