Feb 28, 2012

I'm a closet-suburbanite

So I'm all moved in to my new residence in the suburbs of Baltimore. The drive down went well and it was terrifyingly fun driving a big 16' moving truck down 95. The day of my drive was particularly windy making the 10 & 2 hand positions mandatory. One moment I'm driving along, stuffing my face with whoppers (I love those things) and the next I'm crapping my pants trying to keep the truck in my lane. But as I always enjoy saying, weather regarding a long hike, an apple pie, a leap of faith or a sprint to the shitter; "I made it".

Yesterday was my first full day at the new place. A nice little house in the country. I think I am a closet-suburbanite. I love yard work. It's one thing I enjoy AND do well. I think the reason why I like it so much, is because it shows visual progress. You see the results immediately. My father, who's birthday is today (Happy birthday Dad) instilled upon me a strong "no leaf left behind" policy. So, needless to say, I'm very thorough when I rake. The property where I live is about an acre and a half and home to two big Pines out front, Apple, Cherry and Peach trees, as well as three huge Maples. The leaves hadn't been raked this past fall so I got busy with a rake and wheelbarrow. The yard is looking sweet now. I took care of the front, back and half the side. Then, and this is something I'm truly going to love about living here: I got to burn all the leaves! Buh bye! Poof! I can start a fire for any reason, at anytime out here.

I spent all day outside raking yesterday only breaking for lunch and one more mandatory break because my back was KILLING me from all the twisting and pulling. I wanted to get the road bike out and put in an easy 25 miles or so, but I couldn't tear myself from the yard. Today I'll finish the yard and then get to pedaling on these roads I've missed so much. Although there is one additional task that I want to take care of. The previous tenant built a hideous tree house in one of the Maple trees. It was never finished and looks like a giant faded plywood box. It's an eyesore and I can't wait to burn it! Yes, I'll remove it from the tree first. Stay tuned for demolition photos...

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