Feb 29, 2012

Dover & Dover & Dover

Yesterday was a pretty great day. I finished raking the side yard which was tedious because the leaves were few and far between. Still, I couldn't let them sit there with the rest of the yard looking as impeccable as the 17th hole at Sawgrass. And so I continued raking; raking to perfection. Standing with my hands layered on top of the rake handle; chin perched upon my hands; proud grin stretched across my face. I was done. Piling the leaves on top of the coals from the previous day's leaf-roast, they smoldered, caught fire and were nothing but ash a half hour later. I am loving this fire pit.
(above: iPhone photo of my road bike against the fence of a sheep farm on St.Paul Road)
With the yard work done (for now, more clean-up to come) I aired my tires, lubed my chain and set off for an 18-mile ride on my road bike. I can't believe I can just walk out the front door, roll down the driveway and be surrounded by great expanses of farm land. Sheep farms, dairy farms and even tree farms cover the rolling countryside that I now call home. I rolled down many familiar roads that I haven't set rubber to since 2007. Roads like Dover, Mantua Mill, Geist, Falls, Tufton and Butler to name a few. I know these names mean nothing to you guys reading this blog (both of you), but to any road racers and/or cyclists in Baltimore, they're well known and loved. They roll and wind and are beautifully paved. Memories came back to me of rides gone-by. Places where I've taken breaks to eat bananas, places where I've fixed flats, places where I've peed! Mostly memories of riding with my friend Mark who used to take me on long rides out to the middle of nowhere while I followed behind him with weary legs hoping he'd turn around and head back towards home! Marks even got about 15 years on me mind you; the animal!

I don't start my new job until the end of March. In the mean time I am going to love riding and exploring my new home. I miss city life. I really do. But I am getting used to this lifestyle out here. The only thing I can't get used to is the utter silence at all times. Without music playing, this place is dead quiet. Sleeping at night is terribly difficult. The silence is deafening. Hello darkness my old friend...

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