Jan 6, 2012

Single Speeding in Allentown, PA.

One aspect of my job that I really enjoy is the traveling. Last week I had to travel to the middle of Pennsylvania. Since I had a rental car for last week's trip and a full day open for traveling/exploring, I packed a mountainbike and set off down the road. I got to Bear Creak Resort in Allentown, PA at around 1:30 and rode a single loop around the ski hills and lodge before calling it quits. I stopped often to shoot bits and pieces of footage with my iPhone to create the short video below. I was impressed with the trails, though I stuck to the main loop which traces the perimeter of the resort and measures only 5 miles. I was hard-pressed to make the climbs and keep my hands on the bars through the rock gardens on my rigid single speed machine but had a blast all the same. Snow flakes fluttered down through the leafless trees and snot froze in my mustache. It was 27°F and QUITE nippy! Overall I'm impressed with the video quality of the iPhone. Staying true to phattire low-budget production fashion, I used Windows Movie Maker to create this one.

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