Jan 9, 2012

Saturday morning in pictures

This past Saturday I was up and at em' for an early morning walk with the camera around Columbus Circle and the south end of Central Park. I checked out an interesting sculpture "Tornado" at the southeast entrance to the park, swung by Rat Rock and hit up the Apple store. I can't explain exactly why I feel a compulsion to visit the Apple store every several months. I don't need anything from them. Yet I'm attracted to their laptops and desktop machines; drawn to them much like Dreyfuss in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Anyway, I stared in amazement at the 27" iMacs for a few moments until the idea of a pretzel croissant at City Bakery entered my mind and I was able to snap out of it and head down to 18th Street. Ahh, the power of food. I have to thank Chris Kreuter for turning me on to these insanely delicious little morsels. Thank you Chris. Seriously. Before heading further downtown, I noticed an awesome little hot dog stand. The owner's nice orange road bike sandwiched between the stand and the boundary wall of Central Park is what first caught my eye. But then, I noticed pictures of Eddy Merckx on the outside; sweet! Though I didn't buy one of NY's classic dirty-water street dogs I did delight in the thought of Eddy Merckx pushing for his five Tour de France wins in the 70's, fueled by Belgian hot dogs.

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