Sep 12, 2011

Saturday's road ride

Saturday morning I took the road bike out for a wet 26 mile ride. I rode across the George Washington Bridge, into NJ and then turned south down to Hoboken. My friend Dave just got a new road bike and he was eager to get out on a real road ride but the weather foiled our plans. After meeting Dave and heading north out of Hoboken, the rain let loose. Twice we took cover under overpasses and debated between continuing the ride and finding a bistro or cafe in which to eat brunch. We had just agreed to head back to Hoboken to find some breakfast when Dave's rear tire went flat. We were so close to his place that we just bagged the ride. All in all I had a great ride. I stayed dry all the way back to Manhattan. The rain held until I reached my place and I was surprised at how good I felt on the road bike. All that time spent on the fixie lately has really given me some power down in my legs. I can't wait to get out in the woods on the mountain bike!

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