Sep 12, 2011

Coney Island

I spent Saturday afternoon at Coney Island walking along the beach, the boardwalk and around the roller coasters and other rides. As usual, there was no shortage of strange sites and sounds. I believe Coney Island may have the highest percentage of Carnies in the entire New York City area. All sorts of folks roam this place, ensuring that you will always see something interesting at Coney Island. People danced to music on the boardwalk, children were running in and out of the water and flying kites. I was avoiding shards of glass, feminine hygiene products and other nasty bits of garbage that make up the beach at Coney Island. Although the beach is filthy and chances are high of emerging from the water with a used band aid stuck to my face, I usually jump in and float around for a bit. The cooler temps and my self-preservation mindset kept me out of the water this time. Below are a few snapshots from the days stroll.

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