Sep 2, 2011

Not so fixed gear

Friday at last and I feel great after another week or riding to work. I have an ideal seven mile commute. Not too short, not too long: juuuust riiiight. (that's what she said?)

With the onset of cooler temperatures I am really excited for fall to come. I enjoy commuting during the fall and winter much more than during the summer. I like the warrior aspect of it. I'm out there in the elements, completely comfortable, pedaling around the city.

I did have a mechanical issue this week. The lockring came loose on my fixed gear causing the gear (16T cog) to become not so fixed. It was a quick five minute fix to remove the wheel and honk down on the lockring, but it definitely scared the sh!t out of me. Aside from that I haven't had a mechanical issue in almost a year. Sweet. I must say, this is the first time I have used the Pedro's multi-tool for anything other than removing my wheels to fix flats. Worked great.


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Is your fixie your primary commuter bike? I'm with you -the morning ride in while the air is cool is the best. My commute is only 1.75 miles. Most of the time I wish it was longer. Except on the hot days. Biked two days to work this week. that's my Quota.

ride safe

phattire said...


Yeah, the fixed gear is what I ride 95% of the time. It's my commuter and get-around-town bike. Love that bike!

There's nothing like pedaling out to start your day.