Aug 3, 2011

Update on the Lefty situation

I stopped into the shop on the way home and spoke to the owner. He was like "we're gonna' make this right for you but here's the thing: There's no special tool to get the stem steerer out of the frame. Something's wrong with it. It should just slide right out. My mechanic just got back from a Cannondale training class and he knows what he's doing."

To which I replied: "Well, here's the thing; there IS a tool called the Ernie (and I pulled the tech manual that I downloaded from Cannondale's website from my back pocket) and its used for installing and removing Lefties. It keeps the stem-steerer straight so that you don't damage it, the bearings or the frame." He just said: "oh really? Can I keep this manual?"

My thoughts on this are:
A) He tried to bullshit me and can't be trusted.
B) He did absolutely no research of his own.
C) His mechanic never went to any training class or he lied about that.
D) I want to pour salt water down his seat tube.

He said that he will definitely pay for a new fork, stem-steerer and headset but cautioned me that he may not be able to get the exact fork (2010 Speed Carbon w/DLR - 110mm of travel). I just said, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. I def want the same or equivalent.

I do not feel that great about today's face to face interaction with the owner at all. But I will keep you guys posted. In the mean time I am limited to my only other mountain bike which is my rigid singlespeed. I love it but I miss my Flash!


Rocketscienist said...

Holy XXXX, This reminds me of my experience when we went to Enterprise for that rental car and I turned red. I know how you feel when someone plays you for a fool.

They couldn't even check the website?!?

At least an apology finally came through.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

I'm just now getting to reading your latest blog posts. This lefty issue is indeed a sad story.


Well you've got your ducks in a row so everything should be resolved properly.

I'd buy the tool.

phattire said...

RCT: It's been a crazy experience; full of shock and awe. We'll see how they make good on this!

Anonymous said...

keep us posted