Aug 4, 2011

Peace Doves

Shepard Fairey will be releasing his latest work, the Obey Dove print set, today at a random time. I love they way these look, although I am a fan of almost all of his work. He is only releasing 325 of these numbered and signed screen prints and is selling them for the modest price of a mere $90.00. Though he has not released a statement describing his intended meaning behind the design of these prints, I can only provide my own uneducated interpretation of them. To me, the doves, a symbol of peace, placed squarely in the center of the concentric rings (bulls eyes?) could be interpreted a lot of ways. The doves may be an objective, goal or target or their placement could illicit a statement of being in harm's way. Perhaps the duality of war and peace? There is also a militant vibe about the prints; with the triangular shape at the bottom of each, liken to that of the USAF rank insignia.
At any rate, I am prepared to purchase these prints which should disappear within minutes of their release today. I have my homepage set to the Obey Giant store and will begin reloading the page around 1:00 eastern time which has proven to be his usual release time. Wish me luck!

Edit: Well, I missed these prints! I was well prepared but just not fast enough to beat the entire world wide web! They sold out in less than 60 seconds!

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