Jun 9, 2011

Origin8 48T ring

I put in 20 miles on the fixed gear today and let me just tell you: It was damned hot today! My goal was to find a decent 48 tooth single speed chainring and eighth inch chain. I ended up going with an Origin8 48T track ring and a simple BMX chain. I really like the rugged beefiness of running a robust drivetrain on the fixed gear. I don't trust standard chains under the kind of torque this bike gets. This weekend I'll swap out the rings and put the new chain on. The bike should be running dead silent again; I can't wait!


spruceboy said...

My single speeding was pretty limited, but I had fairly bad luck with 1/8" chains. Folks seem to claim the 3/32" chains are actually stronger:

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

I use the sram PC-1 single speed chain on my mtb. Its always worked fine and I think it's 1/8"

phattire said...

Thanks for the comments guys. I threw on the new 1/8"chain and chainring and had no problems. My bike is silent again! I don't see how anything could go wrong here, I have a complete BMX 1/8" drivetrain at this point.