Jun 14, 2011

New biz card

After playing with this idea for a couple of days, I was able to Photoshop myself a new business card. I like the way it came out. Much more hip than my previous one. The orange, white and black colors stem from my Baltimore roots (Orioles colors). The wings and chainring on the front represent the freedom cycling continues to give me. And the back of the card is framed with the view finder of a Pentax K1000, .35mm camera - the camera I first learned black & white chemical photography with.


GTS said...

Now that I like!

Sheila said...
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Sheila said...

Fantastic! Great graphics.

Fat Chance said...

Business cards look great!

Hope you can make it to the 2nd annual bottle ride


phattire said...


I'll definitely be there. Last year's bottle ride was epic!