Feb 19, 2011

Friday night climbing

Ouch. Last night was another great night of climbing. My fingertips and toes are killing me in a “hurts so good” kind of way. Here's the quick & dirty:
  • I beat a V3 bouldering problem that's been laughing at me.
  • I zipped up two, 5.10a top roping routes and then got destroyed by a 5.10b route.
I gave the 5.10b route three tries but I couldn't get myself over the ledge, half way up the route (and the ledge wasn't even the crux of it!). Next time... next time... With all this warm weather we're having I hope to get down to Rat Rock in Central Park this weekend. I haven't climbed on real rock since last fall and I miss it.

As usual, the Friday night rock climbing session was followed by a greasy meal at the Ocean View Diner and a few good games of chess. Have I beaten Chris yet? No. I'm starting to get bitter about that! Playing against him is better than playing against a computer (slightly), but it's still discouraging when it takes me five minutes to make my move and he captures my pieces while salting his french fries. I'm getting better though, and games are lasting a lot longer than they used to.

Chris destroys me at another game of chess.


Chris Kreuter said...

I distinctly remember you topping out on a 5.10b shortly after you got beat by the first one... :)

Michael O'Hara said...

I'm not counting that one because I sat on the rope like a sack of potatoes at the top! That was a sad, sad climb.

By the way, I have my climbing shoes clipped to the window gate outside of my apartment airing out. Birds fly by and drop like a stone when they pass the shoes.