Feb 18, 2011

Bullets for breakfast

It's Friday! What a week. Work's been insanely busy lately and I really busted my @ss this week. I'm glad that Friday is here and that I'll be climbing tonight in Brooklyn. Though this morning threw me a bit of a curveball. I stepped out of my building in a good mood at 6:10am. The warm weather was a big plus, and stirred up thoughts about riding the road bike this weekend. It's Friday which means I get to wear jeans and sneakers to work instead of the tie, dress shoes etc so I was really comfortable as I walked down my street. I selected the Give Up album by Postal Service as I walked to the BX7 bus stop. It's funny; that album usually reminds me of a really bad time in my life when I was in a horrible relationship and extremely unhappy. But, this morning, I was able to really enjoy it. I guess my position is different now, and my perspective has changed. Anyway, I was bobbin' along to the beats on the bus. When I stepped off the bus and crossed Broadway at 225th street in the Bronx, the clock on my phone assured me I was right on time for the train to Yonkers. Perfect. Down the steps I went to the station platform to wait for a Bombardier M7 to take me to work. Then I was struck by a very strange sight: a bullet. I said to myself: Is that a 9mm round? Picking it up; sure enough, it was! Bizarre right? Scanning the ground, I found another round. This one was a 38 Special wad-cutter. What's the deal? I pocketed them both and I suppose I'll chuck them in the Hudson River after work. I stood near a set of side doors on the way to work looking out at the Hudson River as we rolled north, Postal Service playing away in my ears. Today's busy, but going well. Looking forward to climbing tonight.


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Strange looking .38 cartridge. I've not seen one with the bullet seated so deep in the case.

Strange to find them just laying there unfired too.

Michael O'Hara said...

Yeah, I've never seen one like it before actually. I figured I better pick them up before some kid thinks it's a good idea to pick up a hammer and see what happens.