Jan 20, 2011

Climb on

Last night, my buddy Chris and I met for a late night of climbing at Brooklyn Boulders. We had hoped that less people would be climbing but that was far from the case. There seemed to be more people there last night, than any other night I've ever been there. Just the same, it was a good night of climbing.

We have a new strategy for climbing these days. Instead of starting off with easy top roping routes (5.7's and 5.8's) we jump right into the 5.9's. This way we still have power and strength needed for the smaller holds and maneuvers instead of getting to the harder climbs thoroughly exhausted. That being said, we banged out a few hard bouldering problems right off the bat. It felt great to nail the inverted V2 routes and put a positive spin on the night. Add to the positivity, the fact that we both bested the 5.9+ route on the inverted obelisk and we were both stoked! The inverted obelisk hangs from the ceiling like a giant stalactite, it's bottom at head height. You start off clinging to the bottom of it with all your might (liken to a booger on the outskirts of your nostril, if you will). Then you pull your self up with your arms and get your footing. lastly, you stand up and scale away. Feels great to conquer it. Great night for climbing, though my hands are beat today.

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