Sep 11, 2010

Wife's new bike

Today we picked up my wife's new bike. It's a Jamis Coda. She has been researching bikes for the past few weeks bouncing questions off of me from time to time, and I think she made a great choice by going with the Coda. We both agree that the small diameter steel tubing form sleek, attractive lines giving the bike a beautiful form, classic in nature yet modernly simplistic. When we got home from the bike shop, we got to work, making slight changes to the bike that she had envisioned. I let her do all the work and simply gave advise on how to go about doing it. She caught on very quickly and before long, she was adjusting the spring tension on the V-brakes and tilting her bars and brake levers to a comfortable natural position. Off came the reflectors, warning stickers and plastic pedals and on when a nice set of classic touring pedals I had laying around. She even removed her cassette, removed the plastic spoke protector and reinstalled it, taking care to align the cogs on the splined freehub body.

Above: My wife greases the threads before installing her new pedals.
When the bike was sufficiently dialed in, we set off for a few loops around the neighborhood and park. She hadn't ridden in a little over a year and was a little twitchy at first, but was soon zipping around with ease. She even sneaked past me just before we got to Frank's Market to pick up groceries for dinner. I caught a big grin on her face as she spun the cranks as hard as she could to leave me in the dust (I could only shake my fist at her!). I'm so happy she's happy. Let the adventure rides begin!


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

And she even works on her own ride. You are a lucky man my friend!

Michael O'Hara said...

You said it!