Sep 16, 2010

Check out Guitar George... he knows all the chords.

I rolled out of bed late this morning at 5:50 and almost bailed on my plan to ride to work. However, a speedy shower and quick hustle around the dimly lit apartment bought me some time. I tossed the bare essentials (work polo, deodorant & shoes) in my bag, and threw a leg over my road bike at 6:22. In front of my building, with the golden-orange glow of sunrise lining the cityscape to the east, I selected Dire Straits for this morning's commute. The weather was ideally brisk and I settled into a comfortable rhythm as I rolled north through the Bronx. By the time I reached work I was on track five, Private Investigations, of their "Best of" album. Although, when I stopped in Fort Tryon to take the picture below I did restart Sultans of Swing. How could I not? My road bike works remarkably well, despite having a completely worn out drive train. Albeit shark-toothed, the teeth on my chainrings and cassette mesh wonderfully with my stretched chain and amount to a perfectly harmonized trio of buttery smooth shifting excellence. I used the Runmeter iPhone app to clock my time and mileage, click the screenshot at right to take a look-see.

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