Sep 7, 2010

7th Lake

As I write this, my nose runs and I hack debris from my lungs. This trip to the mountains was not without cold and windy weather! The likes of which has left me with a bad cold. Yes indeed, Saturday and Sunday were quite chilly up north. I stayed relatively warm at night but will not bring my summer bag to the Adirondacks in September ever again. It if weren't for the wool blanket I packed, I don't think I would have gotten much sleep at all. My friend and I did a lot over the long weekend. We hiked, fished, swam, cooked some great meals, and caught on up things. I'm not going to write a long detailed entry about everything that went on this weekend but I will throw up some pictures and a little verbiage to boot.

Above: Arrival on Friday morning; the weather was fantastic and made for an easy canoe trip across the lake.
Above: We were fortunate enough to find the lean-to on the point, vacant. We usually tent but the lean-to is fun to stay in.
Above: The view from my bag as I woke up each morning.
Above: The view from Black Bear Mountain looking east.
Above: Great big ol' clouds.
Above: Another view from Black Bear Mountain, looking south. That is 7th lake in the background, only 3 miles away.
Above: Taking a break on the mountain. Looking south, down on 7th Lake.
Above: Looking west.
Above: On the way down from the top, the sky opened up and let some warm sunshine through.
Above: "The Point" on 7th Lake. This is the campsite where we stayed in the lean-to.
Above and below: Monday morning I fought the cold and got out of my bag early enough to catch the morning fog and sunshine on the lake.

Above: Wind storms drop a lot of nice trees like the Birch shown here.


Ante said...

Stunning photos

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Yeah, what he said

Cybri12 said...

Bootstrap, incredible photo's!!!

Michael O'Hara said...

Thanks fellas! I want to go back!