Aug 6, 2010

Doris' trip to the hospital

Last night, around 8 o'clock, we gave Doris a bath. She hates this. But, as parents it's our job to keep her clean and healthy. The hardest part of washing Doris is getting her into the tub. It's like trying to stuff a cat in a mailbox (Not that I would know. ...honest). I managed to get her in there and we commenced with scrubbing her terrified, shaking body. When we finished we dried her but she wasn't as happy and frisky as she usually is when she gets out of the tub. She usually hops about and tears around the house at warp speed. We noticed that she was licking her front left paw and then realized that she was bleeding! We quickly found that her dewclaw was bent completely backwards! I think that in getting her into the tub, her dewclaw must have snagged my tshirt. It's the only cause that I can think of.

So, we quickly searched the internet and were able to find an animal hospital downtown on 55th street. Not having a car, my wife's father happily drove by and picked us up. After an evaluation, the doctors told us that the dewclaw had broken very close to the bone and that the quick of the claw was exposed and very tender. She then removed the dewclaw and bandaged her leg. The bandage will come off today and the dewclaw should grow back over time.

Poor Doris. She was still quite sedated (As shown in the picture above) and was drowsy when we got home around 11 o'clock last night. She wanted to hop up into bed but just couldn't make it. She slept soundly through the night and was doing fine this morning while I got ready for work. In fact, when I got out of the shower, she had made it up onto the bed and had taken my spot, as usual. Looking up at me, she wagged her tail letting me know that she'll be fine.

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