Jul 28, 2010


The singlespeed with new knobular rubber.
I'm looking forward to tearing up some singletrack at Blue Mountain on Saturday morning (T minus 3 days and counting). I haven't taken the singlespeed out in quite a while so I gave her some TLC this evening. Aside from throwing my egg beaters back on Saturday morning; she's tip top. I still have flat pedals on this bike from when I loaned it to my friend John a while back. I must say, the knobby tires I picked up at Tread Bike Shop after work today are quite malicious looking. A big change from the Kenda Small Block 8's I had on there. (see?) They ought to make a world of difference, although I'll be sure to let you know with a nice picture-heavy ride report on Saturday.


Whitney Erin said...

Is that the GT Peace 29er? I've been wondering how that rides...a friend of mine is thinking of purchasing one and using it to tear it up on the singletrack in the summer and as a winter commuter...how do you like the bike?

I have similar tires on my Cannondale full suspension and love em...can't wait to see some pictures of your ride Sat!

Michael O'Hara said...

It is a Peace, but it's the 26" version. I think I'm the only one who hasn't yet drank the niner kool-aid. I'm not against it, I just prefer the standard 26" wheel. Call me old fashioned. As for how I like it: It's excellent. Steel frame, rigid fork and single speed brings me back to my roots and makes for a pure and simple joyous soul ride, especially on the twisty stuff.

I think the tires are going to work out well. I was looking for an old set of Tioga Factory DH tires which are basically a checker board pattern of square knobs, and these were pretty damned close to them. These tires are the Tioga "Black Turtles". Who comes up with these names anyway?