Jul 28, 2010

Kindling for commuting

Tomorrow morning I'll be riding in to work. Forecast is calling for thunderstorms (oh my!). My commuting fire has officially been rekindled by a blog I've recently been following. I'm not going to let a few drops smolder these embers. Although it's not much of a commute from upper Manhattan, through the Bronx and into Yonkers, it's always awesome getting a ride in before work starts. I'm counting on those endorphins to propel me through the morning and, at least, get me to lunch. I'll be taking it easy, as I'm still hacking up a lung as residual crappiness from my cold refuses to leave me. I'll see if I can get some snapshots with the iPhone and squeeze out a lunch time post.

I put a brand new pair of Eggbeaters on my road bike tonight (Gosh they're purdy!) and as usual the bike is dialed in. I so love Crank Brothers. I've owned so many pair of their Candy and Eggbeaters over the last few years. I run them on both mountainbikes, the roadie and my fixed. The design is simple, performance is great and on top of that, they're incredibly easy to rebuild.

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