May 29, 2010


Busy day today. Did a million things. This calls for a bullet point recap:
  • Kicked the day off with a 2.5 mi run around Washington Heights this morning.
  • My girlfriend and I hopped a train down to Morningside Heights and had a french style breakfast at Le Monde.
  • Enjoyed the Bespoke Exhibit at the Museum of Art & Design. (I now want one of A.N.T.'s Truss Frame bicycles)
  • Browsed the Farmer's Market at Union Square and came very close to buying some free roaming, hormone & antibiotic free, beef
  • Grabbed some food items at the Trader Joe's in Union Square
Time to clean up the house, fix a nice dinner and then satiate my need to know more about Alternative Needs Transportation...

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tormentedsugar said...

I have never been to NY i live in CA..but from various pics i have seen MAN the tables are teeny tiny!!