May 30, 2010

Truss Frame Bike

ANT Bikes' Truss Frame Bike

After seeing ANT Bike's Truss Frame Bike bike at the Museum of Art & Design's hand made bicycle exhibit aptly titled Bespoke, I feel like I have a new bike crush (sorry honey). This is one of the most attractive bikes I have ever seen. What a classic looking, simple, fluid design; its why I love my Pista. The small diameter tubes, painted black lend themselves to the inherently simple form of the bike. The thin tubed springer uprights mounted to the fork give a little suspension to the ride although I've never seen a system like it. I suppose the suspension comes from the spring quality of the steel uprights, as I do not see an actual spring linkage involved. No brakes mounted to this frame further lean it out. In my opinion, fixed gear or coaster brake are the only ways to roll on one of these. The Brooks leather saddle and cork taped bars dovetail nicely with the black framework. And what about those sweeping bars and that stem? The cockpit looks so comfortable! The cranks on this bike are amazing as well. ANT's own design; with a club, heart, diamond and spade cut out of the chainring. Aesthetically pleasing and light weight. Upon close inspection / admiration at the show, I saw that Mike built the bike with Paul dropouts. These are some beautifully efficient dropouts.

Mike Flanigan of ANT Bikes has created the timeless, pure, vintage-modern bicycle. Yesterday I emailed him for a quote and we'll see what one of these bikes is going to set me back. I'll have to start making room in the stable...

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