Dec 18, 2009

Lionel's M7

In 2009 Lionel released the MTA Long Island Rail Road set (M7's). On my way to a NYCT meeting yesterday, I stopped into the Transit Museum at Grand Central and took a look at their model train display. I was stoked to see the M7 trains running through a miniature New York City. (little buildings, little people, ... little crime) The M7's run on the Long Island Rail Road (LIR) & Metro North Rail Road (MNR). I ride them daily to work and home. Kawasaki is currently building the new M8 cars for MNR. Bombardier made the M7's.

Lionel did a good job on the carshells and the detail is fine, however the couplers (or lack there of) are a different story. They didn't put any effort into making a realistic coupler system and instead used a simple hook and loop connection. (why?) Also, the carbody sits unrealistically high on the trucks. Aside from those two points I'd still love to own the set. Are you listening Santa?

photos by: John J at flickr

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