Feb 11, 2007

The Baltimore Brewery - explored.

By 8am this morning I had already scaled a brick wall and barbed wire fence and crawled in through a broken out cinder block doorway. All this in 20° weather. Why? Cause' I'm a ninja; that's why.

The Baltimore Brewery is located in a "not so great" part of Baltimore. Probably one of the sketchiest neighborhoods I've had to infiltrate so far. But it was worth it; it always is.
There wasn't a whole lot inside. Most of the floors were dangerously rotted and riddled with holes. Creaks and moans abounded with each ascent to the next floor. This was probably the hairiest venture I've embarked upon. Lots of fun though, mind you. There were great views from the tallest, center spire.

While I was up there, I watched the fire department put out a house fire which was just a few houses down on E.Federal St. Pretty entertaining. I only had a view of the back of the house so there aren't any glorious fire photos to share with you. Just a good story.

At any rate, here's the goods: Baltimore Brewery Gallery

- Mike

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